Using an Xbox 360 Controller with OpenMSX

A nice controller with a nice emulator of a nice system

Just sharing the OpenMSX settings I am using in order to properly use an Xbox 360 controller. The mappings are optimized for Konami games (in particular, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake).

  • Directions: D-pad (note how OpenMSX sees the D-pad as a hat switch.)
  • A and B: A and B — intuitive, uh?
  • F1: The “Xbox” button, or whatever it is called.
  • F2: X
  • F3: Y
  • F4: Back (◀)
  • F5: Start (▶)
  • Reverse 5 seconds: LB
  • Take screenshot: RB

Here’s how I configured it in my ~/.openMSX/share/settings.xml file (I am showing just the controller-related stuff; merge this with your own configuration as desired):

<!DOCTYPE settings SYSTEM 'settings.dtd'>
    <setting id="joystick1_config">LEFT L_hat0 RIGHT R_hat0 UP U_hat0 DOWN D_hat0 A {button0} B {button1}</setting>
    <bind key="joy1 button2 up">keymatrixup 6 0x40</bind>
    <bind key="joy1 button3 up">keymatrixup 6 0x80</bind>
    <bind key="joy1 button6 up">keymatrixup 7 0x01</bind>
    <bind key="joy1 button7 up">keymatrixup 7 0x02</bind>
    <bind key="joy1 button8 up">keymatrixup 6 0x20</bind>
    <bind key="joy1 button2 down">keymatrixdown 6 0x40</bind>  <!-- X -->
    <bind key="joy1 button3 down">keymatrixdown 6 0x80</bind>  <!-- Y -->
    <bind key="joy1 button4 down">reverse goback 5</bind>      <!-- LB -->
    <bind key="joy1 button5 down">screenshot -raw</bind>       <!-- RB -->
    <bind key="joy1 button6 down">keymatrixdown 7 0x01</bind>  <!-- Back -->
    <bind key="joy1 button7 down">keymatrixdown 7 0x02</bind>  <!-- Start -->
    <bind key="joy1 button8 down">keymatrixdown 6 0x20</bind>  <!-- Xbox -->

And by the way, if you want to understand these “keymatrix” codes, see this page on the MSX Assembly Page.

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