LMB's Quotes

This was the philosophical and narcissistic section of my homepage, now converted into a blog post. It has some drops of wisdom uttered by me during the years (from around 1998 until 2012).

There is a mix of languages here, as some of these quotes are just untranslatable puns.

Não são os pensamentos do Lama, mas são os pensamentos do Barros.

The intern is a shareware employee.
LMB, during the first days of an internship.

In a perfect world, we’d get into airports, and leave by bus.
LMB, in a time of many (bus and plane) trips.

In an improved perfect world, we’d get into airports, and leave by train.
LMB, living and learning.

When there is respect, laws are unnecessary.
LMB, walking around Antônio Prado, a small town in the “Serra Gaúcha. (Right upon my arrival, I noticed cars parked in some “unusual” places. I started to wonder if they weren’t parked in forbidden areas. But the traffic in that town was so civilized that I soon concluded that this didn’t make any difference.)

Numa mulher não se bate nem com uma pétala da última flor do Lácio.
LMB, pedindo desculpas a Olavo Bilac.

O ambiente para a fabricação de chips de computador deve ser absolutamente limpo, sem nenhuma partícula de poeira. Qualquer CISC pode colocar todo o processo em RISC.
LMB, mostrando que também entende de microeletrônica.

As the plastic surgeon used to say: “Happy new ear!”
LMB, who can’t stop with his horrible puns even in the New Year’s Eve.

Death penalty has always been a polemic topic. In France, for instance, since the Napoleonic times, the use of the guillotine divides people.
LMB, always paying attention to the world hot topics.

É preciso bater os tênis para não bater as botas.
LMB, que sabe que, em áreas rurais, é comum que pequenos animais peçonhentos se alojem em calçados durante a noite.

The first wakes it up, the second upsets it, the third feeds it.
LMB, who, when walking in a single file through areas inhabited by snakes, always keeps in mind the reaction that each file member causes on the hungry reptiles.

Before visiting a country that speaks an unknown language, it is a good idea to learn, at least, how to speak these six expressions: “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me”, “beef”, “chicken” and “pork”. The first three are important because politeness opens doors. The last three are important because imitating animals to the waiter is embarrassing.
LMB, the cautious traveler.

Ele é especialista em ordenhadeiras. Tem uma pós-graduação lacto sensu.
LMB, sem respeito nem às línguas mortas.

The Red Book is on the Mesa.
LMB, who knows some English, some Portuguese and some OpenGL.

O horário nobre está cada dia mais plebeu.
LMB, assistindo televisão.

O Veranico de Maio não existe. O que existe é o Invernico de Abril.
LMB, receoso que poucos não-gaúchos vão entender essa.

Os Transformers são inimigos emplacáveis da injustiça.
LMB, que brincava de Transformers quando era criança, mas não viu os filmes.

Life goals shall be vectors, not points.
LMB, who believes to have found a way to avoid (some) long-term frustrations.

Kudos are good for the ego, but bad for the back.
LMB, in another spasm of cheap philosophy.

The only place where sucess comes before work is in a dictionary of dubious quality.
LMB, always giving attention to the little details.

A 21-gun salute is the greatest honor a foreign chief of state can receive. As long, of course, as the canons are not aimed at him.
LMB, informed about international matters.