The homepage is dead!

Long live to the blog!

I don’t remember when I created my first homepage, but I know that in 1998 I already had one. It had a mix of content created by myself and those funny things people shared by email back then. I soon dumped all “third-party” content and made my homepage a repository of stuff I created.

Then came the blogs. Everyone but me had a blog. I just wanted to share my finished stuff, and sometimes it took me years to finish something. A blog by myself would be updated only now and then. Not a nice thing.

Now, for some months I have being thinking about sharing more stuff, even if not really complete or polished. I may enjoy this, other people may enjoy this, too. Maybe.

So, yeah, I guess this is a blog now.

I don’t know what I’ll post here. Probably things related with my nerdy hobbies (programming, game dev, worldbuilding…). Maybe I’ll try to write some fiction in English to train my language and storytelling skills. Maybe I’ll share some stuff related with travel, or food, or photography. Or maybe about photographing food while traveling. Or maybe this blog will just collect dust.

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