LMB's Quotes

This was the philosophical and narcissistic section of my homepage, now converted into a blog post. It has some drops of wisdom uttered by me during the years (from around 1998 until 2012).


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The World's Most Dangerous Professions

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the USA. In the history of that country, four presidents have been murdered. This means that almost 9.1% of the USA presidents have been killed during their terms. Another 11 presidents died of natural causes during their terms. This sums up to an impressive number: more than 1/3 of the presidents of the USA died while presidents of the USA. Therefore, one can easily conclude that president of the USA is one of the most dangerous jobs of the world!

Teste Psicológico

Este é o meu famoso teste psicológico, em versão on-line. E, para aqueles que não perceberem por si sós: esse teste não é sério!

Know Your Future

Your destiny doesn’t depend solely on the stars and on the numbers. Your credit card is decisive, too. So, here it is, with exclusivity, the most powerful fortune telling system based on your credit card number.